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Nero the Band's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Nero the Band's LiveJournal:

Monday, December 9th, 2002
11:01 pm
As most of you know, I went to Nero this weekend. It was the best event i went too yet. First we went on this adventure with these half orcs that kellium met last Volta gathering decided it would be a good idea to pick up a magical grave stone we found and take it to the town healer to get it identified. It turns out that everyone who touched the grave stone was cursed by undead including myself and the healer. I guess its good that I got into plot, however I can't have my character travel to a town like Avendale (the land of undead) with this curse. But I have to finish fixing this next event (January 9th, 10th, 11th). We found out that we needed to find 4 swords that will fix the problem. The group recovered two, so we need to recover the other two next event. Anyway, on Saturday we found a Genie in a bottle that granted us all one wish. I wished for the Skill of Reading and writing, but the stupid Genie mad it so I can only read and write in Volta and I can't understand adjectives. gerr. Later on all the cursed people were hunted by undead and I managed to survive, when I was trying to sleep an undead came and almost ate the ward to our cabin, I ran out in my boxers and fought it off. then put my cloths back on and never slept. Sunday morning there were a few rats running around, I killed and ate some of them (because my character is a white tiger sarr or cat like humanoid). Then we fought a bunch of orcs in a wave battle, and that mostly ended the event. So much fun, I can't wait till the next Volta.

Current Mood: exhausted
Tuesday, September 24th, 2002
1:29 pm
It started on Friday after noon, i patiently waited for Erin to pick me up. Erin is such an awesome girl. When she finally arrived, i through my stuff in the car, and we were on our way to nero. It took us about 2 hours to get there, and we found our cabin, filled out our character sheets, and got into costume. Around 10:00 it was Lyon. And all the dozens of people got into game. A group who were about the same level as i am decided to wander into the Forrest to hunt some monsters, we noticed that there were some dark figures with large ears wandering around in the woods. I was informed that they were probably dark goblins, which are the most evil things in the world. (only because they only took hits from normal weapons) i was swinging silver with my right sword, and normal with my short left sword. Therefor i could only hit them with the weapon i block with. I decided to let the others go after them. They were dead in two seconds. Later on we went into the middle of town, and it was swarming with undead i went after the weakest looking one, and killed it. Most of the other ones were far to advanced for my level. I looked within a distance and noticed two red dots floating in the dark. Glowing eyes. This means it was a greater undead, and it could speak. Roy, Erin, and I decided that it was not for us, so we went into the tavern. That is where we formed a group that we called the Black jacks, this means that we were to go on adventures together. I went to Bed, after that, because i needed to get up at ten, so i could be a Non Player Character in the morning. Or NPC. That means i was a monster. I woke up and around 11:00. I became a Minitour. I walked around with my family asking people if they would like to honor combat, i was killed a bunch of times. But that is what happens when you NPC. After a few hours we switched costumes into goblins. I was a normal goblin, which means that i talk to the PCs and try to get shinny things from them, and if they attack me i run away and stuff. We went to a couple of cabins that people were hanging around, and jumped around in front of it, until they paid us to leave. Then we ran around a bunch of other cabins, and got killed a few times, and then did a goblin tank finally. After the PCs killed our goblin tank, we went back to monster camp, and i decided to take off and get back into my PC costume. I walked back to the cabin out of game, and i got back into my white tiger sarr PC costume. And i immediately joined back up with The Black Jacks. That is when we got fought spiders and more minitours on a module adventure. We found a unicorn horn and later auctioned it off for more gold. A bit later the entire town was in the field, and a bunch of barbarians were coming out of the Forrest, we started to destroy them, it was getting more and more difficult. Warnings were being given out that Korvekie is coming. Korvekie is a vampire that was haunting the town for millions of years. we fought the barbarians till the sun set, and then some panther gas came out, who were incredibly strong. It went after a mystic wood elf healer in our group because that is the species they target, we tried to defend her and won, but got our ass kicked trying. Within this process Erin was turned into an undead and started walking into the forest. Roy and I chased her down and killed her, then gave her a life spell so she became good again. We decided to cast a circle, because of our weak party. The circle protected us from anything, unless we stepped out of it, or if it was cast down, which is supposed to take an hour to do. No one bothered us, and we stayed there until the higher level players won the battle. We went out of game, and ate at a pizza place in the real life town after that. The pizza tasted like burning. Then we went back, got back into costume again, and went to the tavern. We were safe for a while, but then lots of undead things wandered around the tavern. Roy and I tried to kill them, but we died to much, and wasted to many other peoples life spells. We went back into the tavern, and a little while later, Panther Gass started to come into the tavern, and fighting inside it, we huddled in the corner, and got ready to cast a circle. I joined a feast a PC known as The captain was holding. i ate a lot of food. And impressed him. So he let me have some gold. Then a guy came in the tavern preaching about how a fog pool was forming, and that he needed help closing it off. we could not help because we were to weak, so we stayed in the tavern. Sooner or later Lots and Lots of Fog started to surround the tavern, so we ran out of it into the field. It was identified as a chaos pool. (In Real life they must have used like 6 fog machines to make that). This scared us, because in game that meant that it was a pool of nothing but chaos, so we ran to a cabin, and hid in it. After we were in there for a while, someone came up to the cabin and said they needed help as soon as possible. We told them about how we were a very week party and we didn't think that we would be able to help, he said we were fine, so we got ready, and went out side. As soon as we went outside, they used Waylays on all of us, and knocked us out then jumped us. The only survivor was our healer, thank God. so she healed us all. We went back into our cabin, and a greater undead had arrived, in front of our cabin, with a bunch of his minions. They threatened to blow our ward and put a circle around our cabin, so we got in a circle in our cabin, and said, you can spend an hour taking down our ward, and then spend an another hour taking down our circle. They looked kind of pissed and walked away. we decided to go to bed at that point, because it was like 5 in the morning. And even still, another group of people came to try and get us out of our cabin. We were all lying down in bed and we just kind of told them to go away, and they did. We were sick of getting jumped by undead at that point. We woke up around 11:00 on Sunday, and there were some goblins that i chased around. Later on, i had to buy a new suit of armor. Finally after going insane by being jacked up on peppermint, i was waylaid again, and then woken. Barbarians came out of the Forrest again. This was to be a final battle. The whole town was killing them. But Shadow, Onida (Erin) and I noticed one wandering around on the other side. We decided to chace him down. So we did, and we killed him, it gave us a component. and we went. After the battle they had the closing and we packed up to go home. Erin, found her pouch that she thought she lost on Friday night, under someone else's bed. She jumped up and down out of pure joy.. i thought it was rather cute. However, we are both going to Neridia on the 11th of October, and i signed up to NPC the entire Ravenholt event. Erin and I made plans to make shields together, because i am tired or using two weapons. It is hard to block with 2 swords. Erin and I were both extremely tired on the way home, and i wanted to relax.

Current Mood: full
Friday, September 20th, 2002
10:13 am
Hi there, i just joined the comunity, i was told by the creater of this community that it should soon exsist. Im actually traveling to Avendale this weekend. It's going to ROCK!
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